Author, Playwright, Mediator

On November 4, 2015, Craig Barnes died after a long struggle with lymphoma. As as an author, interviewerplaywright, lecturer and essayist, Barnes was a champion of civil society, the rise of democracy and the rule of law. 






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Radio Interviews

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Democracy at the Crossroads

Princes, peasants, poets, and presidents in the struggle for (and against) the rule of law

Democracy at the Crossroads From rebellion in the green fields of England, to speeches from the scaffold and from Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama, read an eye-opening history of democracy's continuing struggle to survive. more>

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In Search of the Lost Feminine

Decoding the Myths that Radically
Reshaped Civilization

In Search of the Lost Feminine A fascinating and original study of the origins of patriarchy as the Greeks and Semites resisted and attempted to stamp out women-centered cultures that had survived in the region before 1500 BCE. more>

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Growing Up True

Lessons from a Western Boyhood

Growing Up True This classic Americana searches out the true line of a fence and the true line of a life, made vivid and touching when, in post-war Colorado, sheep come into the kitchen and small boys ride for their lives in the horse race at the Arapaho County fair. more>

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